To create a gathering place for our community to hang out, enjoy each other’s company, and have delicious high-quality desserts.


We are the originators of the iconic etched logo take-home glass jars. To encourage sustainability, guests can bring our jars back to purchase refills.

We are also the first to offer made-to-order and customizable giant macaron ice cream sandwiches. Macarons made from the finest California almonds, baked from scratch, and sell out throughout the day.


We like to push the envelope in the desserts category by offering unique products. Our menu is constantly evolving. We are serious about product innovation and have an actual Snow Monster dessert innovation lab where we research and develop new desserts.


Our flavorful teas and boba are made in small batches on site. Usually you can find one of our team members brewing tea and cooking boba throughout the entire day. Each batch of tea goes through a long hot brew process. Our loose leaf teas go through a multi-step process which takes time in order to fully extract the tea flavors.